Intelligent investing in a better future. Made simple.


Get sophisticated investment advice, achieve higher returns at a low cost and make impact on society and the environment.


Socially Responsible. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors that we integrated into our investment analysis is not just an ethics issue. It offers you potential long-term performance advantages, while you care about the next generation. Personalized Blueopes is your private banker. Our sophisticated investment advice is customer tailored to you individual life goals. We continually monitor and update your investment strategy when your personal situation changes. Learn more about personalization here.


Low cost. No fancy, brick & mortar offices all around the continent. No high salary for so-called advisors. Our fixed fee structure is incentivizing long term savings instead of constant trading. 


Automated. Automated investment 24/7, around the clock. We don’t trade our clients money like a drunk gambler who runs around casinos, rather, we build up long-term portfolios, from stable companies’ shares. We minimize the human bias and remove the opportunity for making costly mistakes.


Safe & Secure. Your money is safe with us. Your funds are parked with our trusted partners.


Transparent. No hidden fees. Your assets are in your name.


Diversified. Blueopes combines Modern and Stochastic Portfolio Theory with Factor Modeling and other sophisticated tools in order to design and adjust your personal portfolio taking into account your risk tolerance and social and environmental causes/issues preferences.


Easy signup. No time-consuming meetings and no four-figure invoice to pay for advisors. Sophisticated investment advice without the hassle.



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